Pancreatic Network Team

Pancreatic Cancer Network South Africa was established in 2014 in honor of Founder Carla Bailey’s late mother and uncle, who both fought the disease bravely. She founded the organization to offer hope and support to those fighting pancreatic cancer. “Before our organization was established, no light was shed on this disease and we knew little about it. I felt that people needed to know…to stand a better chance at survival,” Bailey said.

The organization raises awareness through events, such as an annual golf day, cycling events and World Pancreatic Cancer Day. They also educate the public on early symptoms and risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer as well as offer survivors a platform to communicate with other survivors and share information.

Pancreatic Cancer Network South Africa is currently working with the City of Cape Town Employee Wellness Programme, and staff travels to a different depo/area each week where they meet between 60 and 600 employees to talk about pancreatic cancer.

Our website is currently under construction but you can read more about the Pancreatic Cancer Network here!